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Switch Switch is an residential comparison and switching website, created by Hot Leads Limited to take the hassle out of comparing gas, electricity, broadband, mobile, etc prices. We are unbaised and impartial and make it easy to compare best quotes between various service providers, to help you make the switch and save money.

Our switching service is available online at the moment, and our easy-to-use comparison form helps you in comparing your current service prices with other providers. We also help in understanding your bills, how to get the best deal, and how you can make even bigger savings by being more efficient.


Switch Switch provides much more than simply a price comparison. There is lots of information on energy issues including help with switching. We can ‘alert you’ when a new tariff becomes available which all save you money so you never miss out on a better deal! So keep in touch and remember to share your reviews on switching or your energy through SwitchAdvisor

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